Seller Covered at Firsthub
Ship your product(s) to your customers across the country without worrying about shipping, delivery and returns. And enjoy all these benefits at the lowest possible shipment charges.

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What is Seller Covered at Firsthub or SCF?

Seller Covered at Firsthub or SCF is a method adopted by sellers who want to sell through Firsthub but manage their own storage, shipment and customer service. SCF can be used by any seller who wishes to sell through Firsthub.

Sell to Customers Anywhere in India

Firsthub ensures that you can sell your products to customers from anywhere in India with its secure, fast and reliable logistics network powered by India Post.

1.                 Commission-Free Shipping

2.                 Service 29000+ Pin Codes

3.                 Lowest Charges for Shipping

SCF Shipping and Service Charges

Firsthub wants you to have the best shipping experience with us. We have associated with India Post, one of the biggest logistics companies in India, to serve customers from all parts of the country. Our logistics partner will pick the product from you and deliver it to the customer no matter where they are in India.

With India Post, the shipping charges are extremely low. This enables you to ship to your customer from any part of the country without having to incur high shipping expenses. With SCF, you can concentrate on selling products and growing your business without going through the hassles of handling shipment, delivery updates and return requests.

Ship with SCF in These Three Steps

#1: Firsthub Seller Panel to Manage and Process Orders

When the customer places an order on Firsthub for a product from your business, log on to the Seller Panel on Firsthub. You can accept the order from this panel and download the required documents to be shipped with the product.

#2: Pack and Ready the Product for Pickup

You can now pack the product thoroughly to avoid any damage in transit. You may use any packaging material without branding and Firsthub does not provide any packing material to the sellers. Once the product is well-packed, you can paste the previously downloaded label on the package.

#3: Hand the Product Over to India Post

Our pickup partner, India Post, will come to your pickup location to collect the product. The delivery partner will verify the order details and the package will be delivered directly to the customer at the address.

Enjoy the profits as you get more orders, as Firsthub will be managing the hardest part of shipping and delivering. With SCF, your customers get products on time, which makes them satisfied. With satisfied customers come more orders and business.

Sign up for SCF and ship in three easy steps.

Timeline of Product Shipment

After receiving an order from a customer, the products will be delivered  minimum 2 to Maximum 3 days from receiving the order on the Firsthub website. Or as per the Service Level Agreement between you and Firsthub.

You may find all the details about the product, shipment and the number of days for dispatch by logging in to your Seller Panel on Firsthub.

Fee for Returning Products

1.                 When the customer returns a product, Firsthub charges a returns fee from the seller. The charge may depend on the weight of the product.

2.                 Undelivered products, when converted to RTOs, will be shipped back to the seller and it will not incur any additional shipping charges for the returns.

3.                 Firsthub sellers can track, get insights into and manage their product returns and RTOs via the Seller Panel on the Firsthub platform.

4.                 Firsthub may waive off charges for return shipments in certain cases as deemed fit by Firsthub.