Tesoro Melagrana 100% Pure Organic (275g) - URGANIC TUTS - Pomegranate Rose Mixed Honey

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Tesoro Melagrana 100% Pure Organic (275g) - URGANIC TUTS - Pomegranate Rose Mixed Honey


"URGANIC TUTS presents Tesoro Melagrana, a 100% pure organic blend of honey infused with the exquisite combination of pomegranate and rose petals. This unique variety, cherished by our ancestors for generations, offers a multitude of benefits and medicinal properties, making it a true treasure.

Tesoro Melagrana is a rare gem that bestows numerous advantages upon us. From promoting physical vitality and enhancing blood circulation to regulating menstruation, alleviating anemia, aiding in weight management, and nurturing radiant skin, this blend has a wide array of benefits. It also serves as an exfoliant, dandruff solution, and provides relief from colds and coughs, leaving a long-lasting taste and aroma in our memories.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the honey we use—a pure, wholesome, and completely natural variety sourced from the hills of Uttar Pradesh. Bees, nestled in this pristine environment, collect pollen from a variety of natural plants, enriching their hives. We carefully select these hives to create the most delicious and nutrient-rich honey, ensuring that every sip delivers more than just great taste. Discover the premium quality of our honey with Tesoro Melagrana."


  • High Protein & Energy enrichment.

  • Boosts Immunity, Pure blood circulation & Blood increases.

  • Fibre content increases & provides sugar maintenance.

  • Regular periods & cure white spots. (For Women)

  • Weight loss & Muscular Fit.

  • Relief Cough & Cold.

  • Natural Remedy of Hair Dandruff.

  • Long Lasting Flavour.

  • Regular body extraction, Stomach Upset Relief & Cure Body Infection.

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