Dcalcifer Washing Machine Cleaner Tablet Drum Cleaning Descaler Tablet Descale Appliance Descaling Deep Tub Clean Tablets for Semi Fully Automatic Front and Top Load Machines | 250 GM Pack

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Effective Cleaning Solution 

Dcalcifer washing machine clean Tablets get rid of all residues from your washer and dishwasher. It can be used in both top load and front load appliance as drum & tub cleaner, for better performance use descaler lime scale cleaning powder monthly once for perfect quick descaling action.Dcalcifer essentials descale scaling remover available in variants such as descal powder, scale go tablet, descaler liquid.Suitable For All Brands Ex. IFB, LG, SAMSUNG, BOSCH, WHIRLPOOL, GODREJ, SIEMENS, HAIER, SCALEGONE, SCALGO, SCALEGON, DESCAL, DESCALER, DESCALING POWDER.

Fresh Laundry Experience

With its potent Effervescent Tablet formula, this washing machine cleaner swiftly eradicates odour-causing residues that accumulate on your washer's surface, even from hidden areas, ensuring your laundry comes out smelling fresh and clean every time.

Enhanced Performance

Owing to its formulation, this cleaner improves machine performance, enhances wash quality, and maintains hygiene standards. By reducing stuck operations and increasing appliance lifespan, it lowers electricity bills and minimises repair costs, providing long-term savings.

Excellent Deep Cleaning

Thanks to its upgraded oxi-formula, this cleaner dissolves dirt rapidly and offers deep cleaning action. It sterilises and ensures hygienic cleanliness, effectively removing limescale deposits and stubborn dirt and residues. Additionally, it provides a fresh fragrance, preventing malodors and leaving your washing machine smelling delightful.

Convenient Application Process

Designed for ease of use, this cleaner should be used in an empty washing machine. For front-load machines, you can toss up to 2 - 3 tablets of this cleaner into the Drum Directly. For top-load machines, you can toss directly into the Tub. Also, you can run a hot or normal wash cycle for up to one hour to ensure thorough cleaning. Afterwards, you can clean the rubber seal and drain filter to remove any visible residues.

Regular Maintenance

Courtesy of its Effervescent Tablet, this cleaner keeps your washing machine fresh with every use. For optimal results, you can leave the machine door open after each wash to allow ventilation. Additionally, you can use this cleaner weekly for up to three consecutive weeks for deep cleaning, then continue with monthly use for ongoing maintenance.

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