Firsthub understands that you care about your privacy and the information that we collect while you access our websites to learn about the products that we offer or to buy the products that we offer. We are humbled by your decision to put your trust in us to provide us with valuable information. We will manage the same with the utmost care, responsibility and openness. The Privacy Policy described in this document explains how Firsthub and its affiliates intend to collect your information and process it through various websites, marketplaces, services, devices and applications that reference all the Privacy Policy as explained here.

When you use the services from Firsthub, you give us consent to use and process your personal information, including any sensitive details, as per the Privacy Policy. The same is subject to change from time to time as required by us without any prior notice to anyone using our services. You agree with us collecting, storing, processing, transferring and sharing your personal details, including any sensitive information, with third parties or any other service providers for any purpose explained in this Privacy Policy here.

The information we gather concerning our service use is collected and managed by our head office registered at the address.

We wish to cover the topics given below extensively to provide you with a deep understanding of how the privacy policy works:

1.                 Types of personal information that we collect

2.                 Purposes for which we use the collected information

3.                 Details regarding the cookies and identifiers we use

4.                 Our policy on sharing the personal information collected

5.                 The security of the data collected about the users

6.                 Our policy regarding the advertising options

7.                 The information that users can access on Firsthub

8.                 The choices that customers have about their data

9.                 Our policy regarding children using our services

10.         Examples of the kind of information we collect

Types of Personal Information That We Collect

Firsthub collects your personal information to provide better services and products while constantly improving. Here is the list of information that we collect from a user or customer:

Information Customers/Users Willingly Give Us

Firsthub collects and stores any kind of information that you provide to us when using our services. Click here to see some of the information that we collect from you. Customers may choose not to provide this information to us. However, this may restrict you from fully taking advantage of the services Firsthub provides if you decide not to give us the information we need to serve you.

Automatic Information

We collect certain kinds of personal information about how you use Firsthub services, including information about how you interact with the content and services provided by Firsthub. We use cookies and device identifiers that help us identify you when you access our services through web browsers or devices. We also collect information provided to us by other websites when accessing content served by them on behalf of Firsthub.

Information We Collect from Other Sources

Firsthub may also collect personal information, such as a delivery address and use the same to update our records to make the next delivery instances easier and effortless for you.

Purpose For Which Firsthub Uses Your Information

Firsthub collects personal information from our customers/users for the purpose of operating, providing, developing and improving our products and services offerings to our customers

The purposes are given below:

Purchasing and delivering products and services

We use the personal information that we collect from our customers to effectively fulfill their online orders, successfully deliver the products and services your request, process the payments and communicate with the customers about the services, products orders and various promotional offers that we design for our customers from time to time.

Troubleshoot and improve the services offered by Firsthub

We utilize the information we collect from you not only to provide the services but also to analyze its performance, fix any problems and improve its usability and efficiency on an ongoing basis.

Recommendation and personalization

Firsthub uses the personal information collected from our users to identify their individual preferences, personalize their experience with our services and successfully recommend products, services and features they might be interested in.

To effectively provide camera, image and voice services

When you use our camera, image and voice services, we utilize the same to provide you with accurate responses to your requests, offer the services requested by you and improve the services that Firsthub provides.

Comply with legal requirements

Firsthub also uses and collects the personal information of our customers to comply with the legal requirements in certain cases. For example, we collect our sellers' place of establishment and bank account information to verify their identity and other purposes.

Communicate with the customers

Firsthub collects and processes personal information from our customers to interact with them and provide them the service and support they need via various means, such as phone, email, chat and other channels we may choose to use.


We use our customers’/users' personal information to provide them with interest-based advertisements across the site for products, services and features that may be of interest to them based on the information we collect. However, we do not use information that identifies the customers personally for advertisement purposes.

You may read our Interest-Based Ads Policy here

Preventing fraud and credit

Firsthub also uses the personal information of our customers to constantly detect fraud and prevent abuse in our efforts to protect the security and privacy of our customers, Firsthub and others. We might also use a variety of scoring methodologies to understand and manage credit risks.

The cookies and other identifiers we use

In order to enable us to understand your browser and the devices to render you better services, we utilize cookies and other identifiers. More information, if you wish to find out about cookies and how we use them, can be found here.

Sharing the information collected from you

The information collected from our customers is an integral part of our services. We do not engage in selling the information that we collect. We make it a point to share the information of our customers only with Firsthub and its subsidiaries that either operate under the same Privacy Policy as given here or have similar and protective policies as ours.

Transactions that involve third parties

Firsthub brings various services, applications, products or skills provided by third parties to be used through or on the Firsthub website. For example, the products that you order on our marketplace are fulfilled by third parties. In addition, we also sell our products jointly with various third-party businesses, such as restaurants registered with Firsthub and sellers on our marketplace. When a third party is involved in a transaction, you can tell the same and we share the necessary personal information of our customers to ensure that these transactions are successfully carried out.

Third-party service providers

Firsthub may also use the services of individuals or businesses on our behalf to provide certain services and functions to the customers. This may include delivering the products and services to our customers ordered, sending emails and phone calls regarding the orders, sharing any information related to the customers' transactions on our website, analyzing the data that we collect, updating the information collected from the customers, processing the payments, assessing and evaluating credit services and scores and providing timely customer service. These third-party service providers are provided with access to your personal information to the extent they need and to support you in fulfilling your needs. However, the third parties do not use the information for individual purposes. It is also established that they use personal information while complying with the requirements of the law of the land.

Business transfers

Firsthub is a business that aims to grow and become one of the most respected e-commerce businesses in the country. We may acquire other businesses and services or sell some of ours as we move forward. In such transactions, the customers are considered an asset transferred or acquired by the business. Even in such transactions, it is expected that the parties involved in the same comply with the pre-existing Privacy Policies to manage the user information unless otherwise consented by the customers.

Protection of Firsthub and others

When such an instance occurs that the release of any information is appropriate to adhere to the required requirements of the law, we release any and other personal information to protect the rights, properties and safety of Firsthub's customers, its users or any others. This also includes sharing information with other businesses to ensure protection against fraud and credit deduction.

The Security of Customers Information with Firsthub

Firsthub has created our systems and transactions, keeping your data privacy and protection in mind.

·        We utilize various encryption protocols and technologically advanced software to protect your personal information during various transactions.

·        When handling the customers' card data and other payment information, we comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

·        In our efforts to gather, store, process and disclose our customer's personal information, we have put in various procedural, electronic and physical safeguards. As part of our protection procedure, we may request you provide any proof of identity before providing you with any personal information.

·        Firsthub has made it a point to use advanced devices with a range of security protocols and features to protect them against unauthorized access and data theft. However, as per your requirements, you may control these features and configure them as you please.

Also, we urge our customers to exercise discretion to restrict access to the passwords to your account devices and applications. When you access your account from a shared computer or device, ensure that you have signed out of all your accounts when your transactions are complete.

Policies about Advertisement
Links to other websites and third-party advertisements

Firsthub may include third-party links and advertisements to other websites and apps. These third parties may collect your information if you interact with their websites and consume content, advertising or services. They may use your personal information according to their Privacy Policy, which may differ from Firsthub. You may read about our policy on Interest-Based Advertisement here. Also, find out about your advertising preferences and adjust the same here.

How we use third-party advertising services

We may also choose to offer relevant information to third-party businesses and companies to help them provide you with more relevant advertisements and services and to measure their effectiveness. When we share the information, we never provide your name or any identifiers that may personally detect you. Instead, we use cookies, device identifiers or any other information like an email address. For example, if you have downloaded our application already, we will share that information with the advertiser so that you will no longer be served with the advertisement asking you to download our application. Some advertisers may also choose to use the information provided to them to help other businesses with serving advertisements to you, as well.

The Information That You Can Access

In your account section of the website and the mobile app, you can access information, such as your name, address, profile information, purchase history, payment options, membership details and other settings. You may find a complete list of information you can access on our privacy policy. You can access your personal information not available on your account by placing a request on the same to us.

The Choices That Our Customers Have

Naturally, you may have questions regarding how we collect and use personal information from our customers, including yourself. You may contact our grievance officer to address your concerns regarding the same here.

·        Most of the services that we offer come with settings that provide you with the options to understand how the information collected from you is used.

·        As we have explained above, for your understanding, you always have the freedom to choose not to provide any information that you are uncomfortable providing. However, if you choose not to provide certain types of information with us, you may not be able to utilize the services we offer to their fullest extent.

·        You may also choose to update or add certain types of information on pages mentioned above in the what information I can access section. While you update or change information, we keep a copy of the previous records.

·        If you choose not to receive emails or any other communication from Firsthub, you can change the preferences on Customer Communication Preferences. You may change the preferences in your devices for the app to avoid receiving in-app notifications from Firsthub. You can adjust your preferences on interest-based ads to avoid getting any advertisements based on your purchase or interest history.

·        Most of the browsers that you use will let the users know if they wish to prevent or accept new device identifiers or cookies when they access a new website. The case is similar to Firsthub, too. When you access Firsthub, we use the same to provide some of the essential services and features you might find yourself interested in using. Therefore, we encourage you to leave them on to have the best experience while using Firsthub. For example, if you do not allow cookies to be stored from Firsthub, you may be unable to add items to your cart, make payment or do any activity that requires a sign-in from the customer.

·        To understand more about cookies and other device identifiers we might use, check our Cookies Policy.

·        You may also choose to browse our website without the history being added to your account by signing out from your account and blocking the cookies on your browser.

·        You may opt-out of data usage by changing your settings on the Firsthub website, app or device. In addition to this, most of the known Firsthub devices you use to provide customers with the ability to change their settings to control the kind of information that these devices, websites and apps use and collect. They can be accessed mostly on the menu or device settings. In order to solve any concerns regarding the same, Firsthub urges our customers to contact the original equipment manufacturers of your device or the service providers.

·        If you are a seller, you may also add, change or update certain data in the seller account and change your communication and email preferences from your notification preferences on the account.

Use of Firsthub Website by Children

Firsthub does not sell products for purchase by children. However, we sell children's products to be purchased by adults. The use of the service offered by Firsthub for underage children is restricted to under the supervision of a guardian or parent.

Firsthub’s Revision Policy of its Privacy Policy

If you choose to use Firsthub, your use and disputes regarding any privacy issues will be subject to the conditions of use, including the resolution of disputes and limitation of damages, under the applicable laws prevailing in India. If you have any concerns about the Privacy Policy of Firsthub, you may contact us with a detailed description of the concerns and our support team will try to solve them.

As a growing business, Firsthub's Privacy Policy may change from time to time as our services and scope expand. It is your sole responsibility to review our website and understand the recent changes to our Privacy Policy before using the services.

Unless stated otherwise by Firsthub, the Privacy Policy is applicable to all types of information that we have collected about you and your account. As a reliable and value-driven business, we always stand firmly beside the promises we make. We do not change our policies or practices to consciously make them less protective of our customers and the details we collect from them without first obtaining consent from the affected customers.

Examples of Information We Collect on Our Website

The following types of information are given to us by you when you use the Firsthub website. You provide Firsthub with information when you:

·        Search or shop products on our website

·        Place an order for a product or service or move a product from your cart.

·        View, download, access or use the content on our website or via a third-party device or an application

·        Provide information in your Firsthub account(s) in case you have multiple.

·        Share your contracts on your mobile device for certain kinds of services.

·        Provide details in your Restaurant, Service Provider or Seller accounts.

·        Offer services or products through our website.

·        Communicate with our customer support agents via email, telephone or otherwise

·        Complete a feedback form, support ticket or questionnaire

·        Provide reviews and rate the services and products offered

·        You utilize a reminder service or product or order availability notifications, alerts

When you choose to carry out any of these actions, you may provide us with information:

·        Such as your name, email id, address and phone numbers; regarding your payment details, age, gender, location, IP address; of the people, addresses and phone numbers on your device; email ids of your contacts; such as the content of emails and reviews to us; such as the personal description and photograph in Your Profile; regarding legally valid identity and address documents; on your credit history; and about device log files and configurations, including access credentials to the Wi-Fi.

Automatic Information

The examples of the information we collect and analyze include:

·        The IP address, login, email address and password; the location of your device or computer; device metrics; and version and time zone settings

·        Purchase and content use history

·        Phone numbers used to contact our customer service

·        Information We Collect from Other Sources

·        The information we receive from other sources includes:

·        Updated delivery and address information

·        Account, purchase or redemption and page-view information

·        Information on your interactions with our affiliates' products and services

·        Search results and links, including paid listings

·        Credit history information from credit bureaus

Information You can Access on Our Website

·        We access the following information via our website;

·        The recent orders status and order history, in full

·        Personally identifiable info, such as name, email, password, etc.

·        Payment and email notification settings

·        Recommendations and the products you recently viewed

·        Shopping lists and gift registries

·        Your content, devices, services and related settings

·        Your communications and personalized advertising preferences

·        Your profile and content you recently viewed

Grievance Officer

The contact details of Firsthub's grievance officer:

·        Name :  Sailax

·        Designation : Grievance Officer

·        Email PDF :

·        Address : Firsthub Ecom Private Limited,
136, Arcod Road, Regus Shyamla Gardens,
Shyamla Towers, Saligramam,
Chennai - 600093, Tamil Nadu, India.

For more details on redressal, kindly visit our Terms of Service here.

·        Report infringement here

·        Report issues with your orders, sellers or delivery here

·        Contact customer support by clicking here