How the deliveries are affected during Covid 19?

Deliveries are hugely affected during the Covid 19. The supply chain is disrupted and many precautions and remedies are followed. We at firsthub ensure to deliver your orders by following the guidelines and norms.

 Shall we place an order during Covid 19?

Yes, you can place orders to get your essential things even during the Covid period. We make sure to deliver the essential things ordered by you to reach your place.

 Do you have a No-contact delivery option?

Yes, we respect your choices and provide no-contact delivery. As per your request, we deliver your products to your place and maintain some distance. Firsthub ensures the safety and health of the customers and focuses on their well-being.

What are the safety protocols does firsthub undergoes for delivering the products?

Firsthub delivery partners are ensured that they are vaccinated, have their temperature under check and wear a face mask. They also deliver the product as per the guidelines like social distancing and no-contact delivery if needed

Do you charge extra for delivering during Covid -19?

No, we don’t charge extra money for delivering during Covid-19. Firsthub understands the needs of the customer and the situation at present. We deliver your products as we do on normal days. And the shipping will be free for customers in Tamil Nadu and normal delivery charges for other state customers.

How many days does it take a product to deliver during Covid -19?

Firsthub delivers your product in two to three business days. However, the shipment might be longer than usual due to the restrictions and curfew. Yet we take care to deliver your products with all the possibilities to reach your place.